Dayzz allows anyone to improve sleep with an effective training plan
based on cutting-edge scientific research

What I did:

Based on in-depth research with clinical psychologists and sleep specialists we performed rapid prototyping, testing, and iterative sprints.

The main challenge was to define system interaction that balances between strict configuration and required degrees of freedom.


Analysing Goals


The first step to executing a successful approach is to clearly define its goals, including determining what qualifies as a success or a failure, and have users take on various tasks and provide feedback.

The process started by transforming clinician treatment plan to simple, personal, and purely mobile experience.

Discovery vs. Suggestive interface

We start with an experience encouraging user exploration and discovery of unlimited options.

Then we realized that users likely arrive with a particular intention, so we continued to encourage exploration by suggesting relevant options along the way, but the main flow was converted to strict plan that save them time and needless steps.

Part of “Discovery” flow

Part of “Suggestive” flow

We expanded the app’s role evolving into a trusted advisor, incorporating information related to the treatment at hand.

Design Language

We created the products’ colorful and clean visual system to make interactions feel effortless.


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blue_done copy.png