Digital health care platform to reduce potential addiction and death caused by misuse of opioids

What I did:

Recognizing the important role of pain treatment in patients’ lives, we completely rethinked the patient’s path from diagnosis to post-surgery recoverment. Using service design methods, we came up with a solution for easy integration of routines in patient’s life.

The new process also considered the patient’s experience along every step of the journey. After finding that a lack of clarity compounded the stress, we decided to help patients understand what's going on and bring peace of mind.



Docomed offers patients a smart “navigation system” through the complex maze of  “Pain management” which includes painkillers, dosage, timing, and alternative treatments.

From design prospective we wanted to create strong feeling that the app can understand what our users are going through, so they will feel less “alone”.

We created immediate color-code feedback while user shares with us his pain level.


Analysing Goals

Discovery vs. Suggestive interface

We start with an experience encouraging user exploration and discovery of unlimited options.

Then we realized that users likely arrive with a particular intention, so we continued to encourage exploration by suggesting relevant options along the way, but the main flow was converted to strict plan that save them time and needless steps.

Part of “Discovery” flow

Part of “Suggestive” flow

We expanded the app’s role evolving into a trusted advisor, incorporating information related to the treatment at hand.

Design Language

We created the products’ colorful and clean visual system to make interactions feel effortless.


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